Sunday, January 17, 2010

Breaking the Silence

“Consume Less,
Contribute more
Speak the words
that are welling up inside
Open my mind
To the possibility
That I am relevant
That I am alive
Breaking the silence
The invisible is visible
WAKE UP!! Wake up.
Participate Anticipate
Feel the Weight
Give, Live
Share the Love”

So I took these pictures right before I left and kind redid the coloring a bit which I think looks much more interesting. The battery in my Pentax died during this shoot so half of the images weren't metered correctly and looked kind of dull so this kind of makes up for that. Anywho I've been wanting to make something for awhile now on this topic of "loosing my voice". Its something I've felt over the last few years, just becoming less of an outgoing person and strangely more and more silent. The silence is something I don't enjoy but for whatever reason it's something that constantly takes a hold of me.

In contrary since I've arrived back in the states I've felt uncharacteristically talkative. Part of it is that I have a lot of catching up to do with friends and many stories to tell, but part of it also is in response to being in a foriegn country for three months and not really being able to adequately communicate with people around me. Obviously I talked with Andre a ton and a few of his friends a little bit, but not being able to communicate with a waitress or someone who works in a store or someone you bump into on the street is a strange thing. I've been awkwardly delighted this week interacting with random people who I can understand and who can understand me! The things you take for granted....! Anyways I hope this spirit of talkativeness doesn't go away. I really hope this is a new chapter and I stop taking my voice and ability to communicate and share ideas for granted!

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