Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter in China

Hello all,

So for the past three months as this blog has been growing more and more cob webs I have been overseas in Asia visiting my bf who is currently stationed there on a year long study abroad. It was quite a trip with much love, many adventures and a surprising amount of creative productivity! I was unfortunately not able to update this blog because blogspot (as well as freedom of speech) is blocked in China. There are definitely ways to get around it but I was not successful at any of them so again my blog was neglected...!

On top of hanging out with Andre, eating lots of chinese food, traveling, studying the culture, meeting lots of cute kittens and one big bad wolf I worked on a few creative projects:

1. A series of Tshirts for River Jones Music Label
2. The new Kitten Paws Vintage website (!)
3. An illustrated poster series project inspired by vintage childrens story books
4. A line of adorable greeting cards
5. Lots and lots of research on vintage selling
6. New design of my porfolio site (still pending)

Images to follow in the next few blog entries of numbers 1, 3, and 4 as well as some more artistic photographs of some of the details of my trip :o)