Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf

So I like to make gifts for people. For Christmas I decided to make Andre a little drawing. He currently has this obsession with having a pet wolf. I, being a somewhat safe and cautious person, am against this idea. For a while he was collecting pictures of baby wolf puppies to try to convince me that I wanted a wolf puppy too. They are awfully cute I will admit, but I still don't want one as a pet! Anyways that is part of the back story of this drawing. One of my nicknames is little red due to the red hue of my locks so it just kind of made since, me as little red and him as a carebear wolf child boy... :)

1 comment:

toddhoover said...

That is 88 shades of adorable. :) I never knew you and Andre are such talented artists!